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At Craighaven we specialise in the care of people with varying degrees of dementia.

Our Facilities

We have 33 single bedrooms
and one double room.

All are en-suite and decorated in neutral colours. There is a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers in each room. We like residents to bring in some of their own possessions.
This can be furniture or personal mementoes such as pictures and ornaments.

It is important that the resident feels that their room belongs to them and is where they can invite their guests and family if they wish to.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our aim at Craighaven is to preserve residents’ independence,
dignity and rights.

Staff provide person-centred care respecting the uniqueness of the individual, their needs,
feelings and abilities.

This enables residents to live their lives according to their own habits and interests, within a safe and supportive environment.

Daily activities are organised and
involvement encouraged, enhancing
residents skills and interests.

Extra Facilities

• All laundry is taken care of on the premises, we ask that clothes are clearly marked, fully washable and can be tumbled dry.

• Basic toiletries are provided.

• A hairdresser visits each week. This and other services such as chiropody can be arranged at the residents’ expense. Please ask for further details.

• Newspapers are provided daily
and other papers can be taken at
the residents own expense.

About Craighaven.

About Craighaven.

At Craighaven we specialise in the care of people with varying degrees of dementia. We have the facilities to care for 35 residents.

• Craighaven is a residential home, and therefore we are not able to provide specific nursing care.

• We do not accept emergency admissions.

Our residents are accepted to Craighaven only after an assessment that enables us to ensure that we can provide adequate care of a high standard for each resident.

Our aim is to provide a caring environment for people aged 65 years and over who have been diagnosed with dementia. Residents are encouraged to participate as much as possible in the everyday life of the home and we arrange a range of activities to help make their days varied and interesting.

We are fully committed to staff training to ensure those who stay with us have the quality of care they need.

Our Team

Craighaven Care Team
Liz Heritage
Liz Heritage
Shirley Warwick
Shirley Warwick
Deputy Manager
Kelsey Warner
Kelsey Warner
Assistant Manager

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